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Daily I create with my hands, exploring, experimenting, moving the clay, making a living. In the studio I enjoy the repetition as much as the exploration of new forms and surface designs. I am full of gratitude that creativity continues to move in me daily.
Making and using pots to me is learning to see, to pause, to share, to see beauty. 

My work is exploring the surface balance of a natural patina and color. The natural patina is clay showing its rawness, its depth. The bright surface colors are influenced by my living and traveling in Latin America and the vivid textiles, fabrics, people, and birds I have come to know and love. 
The surface designs are influenced by my daughter's drawings and the naturalness of children's art. I teach children weekly because they uplift me and bring me hope. The whimsy and purity in children's perspective and creativity continues to inspire me.

I work at my home studio and gallery in the blue ridge mountains of Floyd, VA. I am a self taught potter who gained my foundation in ceramics from Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. I am also a children's yoga teacher, cyclist, mother, student of Zen, tea connoisseur, and seed planter.

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